Amherstia nobilis    rare, one of the mose beautiful flowering trees in the world


     Ananas bracteatus - ornamental red pineapple

                        Ananus bracteatus

     Brownea macrophylla

    Chaconia Warscewiczia coccinea


    Dwarf Jacaranda - Burgundy flowers , blooming all year.


    Golden Glory Arachis pintoi- great groundcover. No mowing- grows sideways.

                             Golden Glory


    Euphorbia punicia- beautiful red bracts off & on all year; related to Poinsetias.

    Gustavia gracillima- Lotus looking flowers on a small tree.

    Mai Ochna integrerrima- Beautiful yellow flower, popular for Vietnamese New Year.

    Paklan Michelia champaca var.alba


    Rangoon Creeper Quisqualis indica- fragrant flowers can be made into leis.

    Red Passion Flower- large bright red flowers

    Saracca thaipingensis

    Swi May Wrigthia religiosa- sweet smelling small rose like white flowers.


    Variegated Swi May- Green and white leaves

    Tabebuia- Carib Queen- Magenta colored flowers

    Tabebuia chrysotricha var. minor-Dwarf Gold Tree- blooms off & on in the year, small tree

    Tecomanthe dendrophila- Vine with bright pink flowers

     White Desert Rose   

     Yucca Yucca aloifolia Dwarf